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 Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation)

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Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation) Empty
PostSubject: Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation)   Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation) EmptyFri Jul 04, 2014 4:07 pm

Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation) Pakoon13

Ok so the full name of this game is called Downhill Pakoon! 2.Many Unlimited 2009... Let's just call it Pakoon 2 as this is what most gamers know it as. It's an interesting 3D car physics downhill racing game. It has a good menu system with usual screen and sound settings to adjust with a couple of nice little graphic effects, press E when playing. This freeware game was made by Mikko Oksalahti AKA Metal Oxide and is a worthy download if you're into your car games.

Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation) Pakoon11

There's 2 game modes, Single player and Multiplayer with 3 race modes, Speedrace, Slalom and Airtime, self explanatory really. You have a choice of 7 global areas to race plus 7 vehicles including a truck to test your downhill abilities. Don't let the vehicles fool you by looks, some handle better than others and you'll be surprised which one handles the best. I remember the original Pakoon game back in the day and Pakoon 2 was a big leap forward. This game holds up very well in the graphics department and at 27mb, it's a worthy download for some free fun plus the source code is available for C++/Visual Studio if you'd like to try your hand at making any changes or a completely new game. Just a little tip when playing, don't go for the big jumps.

Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation) Pakoon11

Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation) Pakoon12

Don't forget to check out all the other freeware games on offer from the website. They're all pretty good.


The file download is a self extracting zip file. Place it in a new folder, unzip it into that folder, then install the exe file.

Keep on gaming!

Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation) Pbucket

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Pakoon 2 (3D driving racing simulation)
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