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 R2000 (basic racing simulation)

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PostSubject: R2000 (basic racing simulation)   Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:16 am

R2000 (1.96mb, made by Hiro, install .lzh) One car, one track, one opponent, three laps. Try to win the 3 lap race and score the fastest time. A basic Japanese car rally racing game within an enclosed circuit. This is an older freeware game designed for Windows 95/98 and should play on most Windows PC's. Quite a good game in it's day with sliding car control and nice car engine sound effects but you will find it difficult to win the race. Watch out for large rocks on the course, you don't want to hit them.

Enter key - Start game
A key - Accelerate
Z key - Brake
Q - Forwards in gears
W - Back in gears
Esc key - Exit game

Scroll down the left hand side of the page for the game download link.

Keep on gaming!

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R2000 (basic racing simulation)
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