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 VDrift (Racing Simulation)

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PostSubject: VDrift (Racing Simulation)   Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:51 am

VDrift is a racing drifting simulation with 4 different cars and 3 tracks. This game is 37.5mb .exe install and is a WIP (work in progress) but is very playable and fun. You have a choice of free race, checkpoint and online racing. The graphics are great and sound is good but a fast computer and good graphics card are needed to play to get a reasonable frame rate, there are also many screen resolutions and graphical effects that can be altered to get a good frame rate. The first place to visit in the options screen is the controls setup as you will need to set it all up befor you start racing. The second place to visit after that is to choose a car and customize it. The best tires are the low profile soft compound for maximum traction and control. Steering wheel, joypad, joystick keyboard and mouse are supported for play and you can use multiple controls. Overall a good game but there are a few bugs as I have fallen through the track on one occasion (see screenshot) and you may get stuck in some places on the tracks but just reset the car and you'll be racing again. Give this game half a change as when you first start playing this game for the first time you will spend more time off the track than on it.


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VDrift (Racing Simulation)
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