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 SkyRider (flight simulation)

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PostSubject: SkyRider (flight simulation)   Fri May 23, 2014 10:55 am

SkyRider (33mb, ver 1.2 made 17/05/2013, no install .exe) is an excellent and wonderfully made 3D flight simulation game. You pilot a self propelled pedal bike glider and must pedal your way around island courses and set point races. You will need to manage your body's energy and stamina to last each race. You can also collect bonuses and credits while racing to improve yourself and your pedal bike glider after your races.

There's many options and 5 different modes of play to race and test your skills on but you will need to unlock most of them. The 5 modes include Route, Circuit, Checkpoint, Endurance and Acrobatic. Game downloads available for Windows, Mac and from the App Store. There's even a mini web versions. It's 2 thumbs up from me, Waaay up!

Arrow keys up and down - Pitch up and down
Arrow keys left and right - Roll left and right
Q and A keys - Pedal
C and X keys - Yaw
D key - Drink


Game Page

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SkyRider (flight simulation)
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