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 Cloud (flight simulation puzzle game)

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PostSubject: Cloud (flight simulation puzzle game)   Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:36 am

This is a top game that has both flight and puzzle elements to it. Technically it is a game but you can fly around the clouds and do absolutely nothing at all if you wish. The story is about a very sick child who is bed ridden and is asked to close their eyes and dream. The sound and music in this production are an experience in itself. The artwork is very nice with many levels to complete. There is no winner or loser in the game, no time limit and no one dies. A great game for the kids and it may even teach them a thing or two about our environment. A fast computer and/or good 3D graphics card are required to play (version 1.43, PC WinXP / Win 2000 Only).


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Cloud (flight simulation puzzle game)
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