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 Maluch Sim (car simulation)

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PostSubject: Maluch Sim (car simulation)   Fri Jan 23, 2009 8:24 am

Maluch sim  7.2MB version 0.40 is not a complete game yet, it's still in development but thought they could do with a mention even though there doesn't seem to have been any work done on it in some time.

Maluch Sim iis a nice 3D car simulation demo. There is no racing involved in this game just a nice simulation driving around 2 3D tracks. I'm not sure but they may have abandoned this project, it seem's incomplete somewhere, maybe some traffic or someone to race would have been a nice touch. Maybe it was a test development for Maluch Sim 2.

Maluch Sim 2 is much about the same but with 2 better tracks, graphics and other cars.

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Maluch Sim (car simulation)
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