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 Type de Block (typing Brickball clone)

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Type de Block (typing Brickball clone) Empty
PostSubject: Type de Block (typing Brickball clone)   Type de Block (typing Brickball clone) EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 4:42 am

Type de Block (typing Brickball clone) Untitl10

Type de Block (20.1mb made 09/01/2015 ver1.01, no install .zip) is a great typing game Brickball clone. It's the standard bat and ball game but the ball does not eliminate the blocks. To do this you must type the letters and numbers that are displayed when the ball hits the blocks, then missiles will shoot towards the blocks. The game starts off very easy and progresses to a faster pace while the blocks get larger, in turn displaying more letters and numbers on the larger blocks. Don't be alarmed if your missiles miss your block as it will come back around and hit it.

Type de Block (typing Brickball clone) Untitl10

A very nice game with use of basic typing skills. You can choose if your left or right handed and you'll only need to type of half of the keyboard, either left or right, or if you're feeling skilled, you can choose the whole keyboard to use within the game. There's many other game options as well with choice of background music, sound effects, windowed or full screen mode etc. I had some fun with this freeware game late last night. It does become repetitive over time and the ball physics aren't the best but I'm sure someone will get hours of enjoyment from Type de Block.

To start the game you must first enter your Player Name.

Type de Block (typing Brickball clone) Type_d10

Type de Block (typing Brickball clone) Type_d11

Type de Block (typing Brickball clone) Type_d12


Game Page Freem Japanese games website

Keep on gaming!

Type de Block (typing Brickball clone) Pbucket

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Type de Block (typing Brickball clone)
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