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 Brick (Brickball, Arkanoid arcade clone)

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PostSubject: Brick (Brickball, Arkanoid arcade clone)   Sat May 03, 2014 11:33 am

Brick (82kb, ver 1.3, no install .lzh) is one of the craziest Brickball games I've ever played. Of course it had to be a Japanese fan made game. Although the game is a very small 82kb in size you will also need to download the sound pack of 2mb and install into the /block130/wave folder, no big deal and well worth it. Level 6 really did stuff up my eye's. A good little Brickball game with many lives/balls. You can shoot the balls out from your bat/paddle when ever you like, as long as you have some in reserve. With it's mega multi ball play and brick particles, I'm sure many of you will get some freeware gaming pleasure from this one. That's if you're old enough to remember this game.

That's it. I'm out for the weekend, my eye's hurt...

Mouse/mousepad - Left and Right
Left mouse button - swing bat/paddle
Right mouse buttom - release ball/s
Space bar - Pause

Game Download Page

Keep on gaming!

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Brick (Brickball, Arkanoid arcade clone)
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