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 Nannoid (colourful fun brickball clone)

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PostSubject: Nannoid (colourful fun brickball clone)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:52 am

Nannoid (1.99mb install version 1.0 made by Phil Hassey) is another Brickball clone that plays in a window of 640 x 480 and has space background pictures. The game has 23 colourful levels 2 difficulty settings, high score table and scoring is made by hitting bricks worth 11 points, collecting pills worth 37 points, hitting the weird floating things worth 23 points and an extra live at 20000 points. This is an easy bat and ball game that has excellent ball physics off the bat and you can start on any level you choose from the 23 available.

Arrow keys or mouse to move bat
Spacebar to release ball
P ket to pause

Homepage click on the games link, other small games available to download

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Nannoid (colourful fun brickball clone)
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