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 Fairy Boost (simple Japanese scrolling shooter)

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PostSubject: Fairy Boost (simple Japanese scrolling shooter)   Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:29 pm

Fairy Boost is a short, 5 level, horizontally scrolling collecting and avoidance game. The game scrolls quickly and you must collect the sets of items on each level and avoid all creatures. If you get hit, you will lose some items. To counteract this you can use your shield which lasts for some time. You also have the ability to boost your fairy. It all sounds simple but believe me it's not. Everything moves quickly in this Japanese freeware game and you'll find it difficult to collect 100% of each item set on each level. Your total high score will be the quickest time you can complete the levels and how many of the items you are left with.

Arrow keys - Movement
Z key - Shield
X key - Boost
Esc key - Exit game to Title screen

Game Information
Game author - CooEl
Game version - 2.0
Game created - 14/04/2013
File size - 19.6mb
File format - zip
Will play on - Most Windows systems from Win98 onwards


Game Page

Game Download Page Vector Japanese software website

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Fairy Boost (simple Japanese scrolling shooter)
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