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 Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration)

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Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration) Empty
PostSubject: Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration)   Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration) EmptyFri Feb 20, 2015 9:00 am

Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration) Still_10

Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration) Still_12

My ship had crashed and the only intelligent lifeform around was an alien that told me to go to Jainestone, what other choice did I have. The sun was settling fast and I had one shot left in my gun as I had accidentally shot off one by mistake. This was not looking good, but in the distance I could see a settlement. Would there be life? If there was, would they be friend's or foe's? My mission was to get of this planet but I fear it won't be as simple as I first thought.

The only thing I knew for sure was, that I was Still Free...

Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration) Still_13

Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration) Still_14

This short freeware game, a 3D FPS with a slight twist of exploration is a nice game, it did lack a little something... action. While there's a nice but sparse 3D environment to explore, there was no real action apart from a casual ride on a horse and hover bike. Once you find a settlement I couldn't work out for the life of me how to gain entry in to the buildings. I did pick up a glowing item but after nearly an hour, I had to give up. More sound effects could be nice too. What's there is nice, but the game could have given just a tad more info on what you needed to do. I think some gamers will enjoy this free game. It's only 1 thumb up from me but perhaps I'll revisit the game another night and try again.

Arrow keys or WASD keys - Movement, forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right
Mouse/touchpad - Direction, look up, look down.
Right click - Use iron sight
Left click - Shoot
E key - Jump on/off horses and hoverbikes
Shift key - Boost on horses and hoverbikes
Scrollwheel - Switch weapons
Esc key - Pause

Game Information
Game author - SudoRossy
Game version - 1.00
Game created - 2014 made for the Space Cowboy Jam
File size - 96.2mb
File format - zip, no install
Made with - Powered by Unity
Will play on - Most Windows systems

Game Download Page

*This free game is Donationware but don't fear. You can choose to download it for free at no charge. If you decide to keep it, please re-visit the website and donate what you feel is appropriate for the game to the game developers. If you decide to delete it after playing, then there's no harm done.

Keep on gaming!

Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration) Pbucket

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Still Free (nice 3D FPS exploration)
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