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 LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP)

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LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Empty
PostSubject: LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP)   LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) EmptyThu Sep 18, 2014 1:06 pm

LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen13

LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen12

LibraSphere (29.7mb ver1.20 made 25/11/2013, no install .zip) is your typical Japanese SHMUP. With 2 characters to choose from, 2 difficulty levels and unlimited continues, expect to finish this game within 20 minutes. The overall level of difficulty for the game is medium with ample amount of time to dodge the waves of enemy fire. Collect energy from destroyed enemies and unleash your firepower assault with your secondary weapon when charged, use it wisely, your player automatically attracts energy. End of level Bosses are good and quite easy to defeat. Nice special effects and sounds with older style sprite graphics. A solid but short and sweet scrolling shooter that may keep you coming back for more.

LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen14

LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen15

LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen16

LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen17

This freeware game should play on most Windows systems.

Arrow keys - Movement
Z key - Fire
X key - Secondary fire, once charged
Esc key - Pause game

To download the game, click on the light grey button that says (ver1.20)
LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Downlo11

Then on the next site that loads up (file host), click on the small grey button to download the game.
LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Downlo12

Keep on gaming!

LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP) Pbucket

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LibraSphere (nice Japanese SHMUP)
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