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 Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP)

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Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) Empty
PostSubject: Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP)   Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) EmptyTue Apr 21, 2015 5:38 am

Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) Wild_o10

Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen10

Wild One is a nice Japanese top down view shooter. You control the main ship with the help of smaller  helper ships. You have 2 weapons, your main primary laser and also a semi homing laser canon. Shoot all enemies to clear each section. Each section has 6 areas. At the start of the game you'll need to complete the tutorial which won't take long. You will then unlock a few section on the map and once you complete a couple of these, you'll unlock the rest of the sections. If you find that your health or power is low, just back out of the action or hide behind your helper ships until your gauges recover. Overall it's an enjoyable freeware SHMUP game with nice graphics and level music with some shooting mayhem in places.

Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen11

Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen12

Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen13

Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) Screen14

W,A,S,D keys - Movement
Mouse\touchpad - Aiming direction and length
Left mouse\touchpad button - Laser gun
Space bar - Laser canon
Right mouse\touchpad button - Hold down for thrust and movement key
Alt key - Pause game

Game Information
Game author - Laineus, Drive (L:)
Game version - 1.0
Game created - 01/08/2014
File size - 47.9mb
File format - zip
Made with - WolfRPG
Will play on - Most Windows systems

Game Page

Game Download Page

On the game download page is another game called First Engage which is similar in game design but for some reason (unable to read Japanese) I could not get past the tutorial. The game page for First Engage is here Hope you have better luck in playing it than me.

Keep on gaming!

Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP) Pbucket

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Wild One (nice Japanese SHMUP)
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