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 Fastest Flyer 2 (space racer fighter flight sim)

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PostSubject: Fastest Flyer 2 (space racer fighter flight sim)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:54 pm

Fastest Flyer 2 (3.8mb, ver1.11 made by Makoto 22/11/2013, no install .zip) is a fantastic little 3D spaceship flight sim fighter. With smooth gameplay and pumping soundtrack, you'll sure to get hooked on this game from Japan. Parts of it reminds me of Star Wars Pod Racer and although it's a rail game, you still have a good amount of movement even when the game decides to fly you upside down and sideways. The view can be a little disorientating but you'll get used to that while playing the 8 action packed missions. Fly, dodge, shoot and speed your way to the end to set personal best time records.

There's 2 game modes and 3 game difficulties settings with a choice of 3 screen resolutions with re-definable game keys/buttons and also a Special Mode option to re-play your previously played missions. Your game will end when all of your ships shield is gone, which will actually last a long time. You should be able to almost complete the full game first attempt. There's also a ship selector but I have yet to unlock any ships since playing this freeware game.

Arrow keys - Movement
Z key - Target and shoot (hold to target)
X key - Speed
Ctrl key - Pause game

Game Download Page

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Fastest Flyer 2 (space racer fighter flight sim)
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