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 Slip Stream (basic car racer)

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Slip Stream (basic car racer) Empty
PostSubject: Slip Stream (basic car racer)   Slip Stream (basic car racer) EmptyTue Oct 14, 2014 3:03 pm

Slip Stream (basic car racer) Slipst10

Slip Stream (26.9mb ver1.1.5 made by 8blackballgames 12/10/2014, no install .zip) is a basic 2d side scrolling Japanese racing game where you must finish the race in 1st place. When you do you will unlock 1 of the 10 unlockable characters and cars. Watch out for emergency vehicles and drive over the Nitro boosts icons for faster speeds and to add to your nitros bottle. When you have a full nitos bottle you can use it for more speed. You have a choice of 2 characters and their cars at the start of your race and there are also 2 game modes, Normal Race and Endless Race.

It seems like a largish game file for such a simple car racing game and it looks and play like a flash game, maybe it will end up as one.

Slip Stream (basic car racer) Slipst11

Slip Stream (basic car racer) Slipst12

This freeware game should play on most Windows systems.

Mouse and keyboard
On starting the game, left click with your mouse on the game screen.
Mouse cursor to move your vehicle
Z key - Shift down gears
X key - Shift up gears
C key - Nitro boost
Space bar - Brake
Esc key] - Return to mode select.


Game Page
in Japanese

Game Download Freem Japanese games website

Keep on gaming!

Slip Stream (basic car racer) Pbucket

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Slip Stream (basic car racer)
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