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 Rumble Box (unique 3D physics fighting game)

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PostSubject: Rumble Box (unique 3D physics fighting game)   Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:31 am

Rumble Box is a very good 3D physics fighting game that consists of fighting your way out of a fighting area. There are many bonuses that can be picked up with many different fighting opponents. It's more than a fighting game as you must use tactics and strategy to evade bombs and getting stuck fighting more opponents than you can handle and where they fall the blocks remain filling the arena with blocks to help you escape. Combo's can be archived and bonuses awarded accordingly with a variety of punches and you can even grab an enemy and throw them into others. The game has high score table, normal play, challenge mode and a continue feature. The game download file is only 11.6mb install and created and tested by Patrick Hackett and Joe Bourrie.


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Rumble Box (unique 3D physics fighting game)
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