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 de Blob (unique painting game, superb)

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PostSubject: de Blob (unique painting game, superb)   Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:43 am

de Blob or originally named The Blob (98mb .exe) made in 2006 was a game project made by eight Dutch students for a client to show the station area of the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands before getting a complete face lift.

The aim of the game, as de Blob, is to roll around the town and absorb paint from the inhabitants and paint buildings, trees, vehicles and billboards. There are special landmarks that need to be painted with a certain colour and by a certain route involving ramps, gusts of wind, canons and even a tunnel. There are also coins to be collected for points. There are many colours to fill de Blob up with even mixing colours to make new ones. As you absorb or collect colours de Blob will increase in size to a maximum of 100 paint points and each object you paint costs 1 paint point. There are various missions to complete but be on the lookout for the INKT forces or Inkies. These are black ink foot soldier forces set out to stop de Blob. If you absorb black ink you will loose your colour and you will need to wash it out in water. You may then resume absorbing colours and continuing on your mission to paint the town. There's great music tracks which actually change tempo or instruments depending on your colour. Very simple gameplay with only your mouse and should appeal to all gamers young and old.

This is one of those freeware games that is a must download and I'm very surprised that it's still around for download after many years and having reviewed it many years ago on another game site and also it being released as a commercial game, so grab it while you still can. The game went on to be a good seller for the Nintendo Wii console and is also available for the Nintendo DS, Apple Mac, and Windows Phone 7. They also went on to release De Blob 2 for other consoles as well including the XBox 360 and the Playstation 3. Utterly brilliant!

Mouse, yes that's all just a mouse.

The minimum system requirements are at least a 2ghz processor and 512mb RAM but I would recommend around the 3ghz processor and 2ghz RAM for a decent framerate on the higher screen resolution.


Keep on gaming!

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de Blob (unique painting game, superb)
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