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 8 Kingdoms (turn based strategy)

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PostSubject: 8 Kingdoms (turn based strategy)   Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:02 pm

8 Kingdoms ver1.1.0.exe (36.3 MB) is a 3D turn based fantasy strategy game. With it's large polygon object graphics style and the usual turn based strategy gameplay. The developers say the game was inspirited by the world of fantasy but I didn't see much fantasy in this game, more a medieval themed game. Not a bad game with it's unique graphics style.

Players play on a fully 3D hex map. They construct buildings, recruit units including infantry, mounted units, mages, catapults and finally they attack enemy or help allies. Units gain experiences during the battle, each unit can get some abilities upgraded to be stronger.

- realistic projection of terrains and surfaces which influence upon movement.
- realistic model of weather.
- well-developed computation of fights, including counter-attacks, visibility and experiences, siege weapons and magical units.
- model of money, taxes, payment to the army.
- units earn experiences.
- artificial intelligence.
- single-player and multi-player games.
- multi-player games discovery service.
- released for Linux and MS Windows
- Map Editor (Windows only)

Game Page

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8 Kingdoms (turn based strategy)
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