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 Zombies (turn based stratergy board game)

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PostSubject: Zombies (turn based stratergy board game)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:14 am

Zombies (6.9mb no install version 1.0.1 made by Joe Strout and Jeff Quan 2005) is a turn based stratergy board game for MacOS and Windows. The object of the game is to outlast and eliminate the zombies before they get you. There are many weapons on the board to use to help you out plus there are normal people as well that if you don't help save, they too will become zombies. The game is a turn based game played within a square arena. You can move and attack the zombies at the same time during your turn. An interesting game with some gory effects that can be turned off or turned right up for maximum blood and splatter. It takes a few goes to get the hang of the gameplay and will only satisfy the hard core gamer I think, but it's still worth a mention. Have a go and see how long you last. Please check out the PDF file for the full game controls and game information.

Also there are many other nice freeware games from this site including Lemonade, Wumpus!, Brick Ball and Armageddon.


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Zombies (turn based stratergy board game)
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