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 The Last Flight Of The Bumble Bee (SHMUP)

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PostSubject: The Last Flight Of The Bumble Bee (SHMUP)   Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:03 am

The Last Flight Of The Bumble Bee (6.22mb .zip made by Conor O'Kane and Ivan Dixon) is your typical shoot'em up game. It was made in 48 hours for the 2011 Global Game Jam and it's a simple yet great little shooting game.

The bee hive is dead and you are the last bee. Pollinate as many flowers as you can to stop your species extinction. Pollinate flowers first by landing on a flower then by carrying the pollen to a corresponding flower.
The pollen trail behind you indicates which colour flower you are currently carrying.

Avoid enemy insects by shooting them or dropping a honey bomb.

The honey bomb will turn nearby enemy bullets into honey droplets which will damage enemies and are also collectible.
Each honey bomb costs three honey combs, indicated in the top left of the screen. Recharge honey combs by collecting nectar from flowers.

Score 100 points per successful pollination and 1 point for each honey droplet.


X key - shoot/menu
C key - drop bomb
Arrow keys to move the bee

Button 1 - shoot/menu
Button 2 or 3 - drop bomb
annolog stick to move the bee


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The Last Flight Of The Bumble Bee (SHMUP)
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