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 Transdimensional Hellspider (SHMUP)

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PostSubject: Transdimensional Hellspider (SHMUP)   Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:31 pm

Released under the GPL v3. Source code is available (3.9mb zip no install version 1.0 by Linley Henzell)

Can you defeat all of the hellspiders? Find out, in this game based heavily on a combination of Spacewar! and Warning Forever.

The hellspiders evolve based on how you destroy them, so every time you play is different. Just don't destroy the core without destroying any parts first - it gets much stronger that way.

Your little fighter is equipped with several systems to defeat your fearsome enemy: a pair of fast-firing cannons, one of a number of types of special charged weapon, and a shield which offers complete protection for a short time but can only be used when its power cells are sufficiently charged (it activates automatically if you are hit, and prevents your fighter's weapons from functioning). Every three levels you can upgrade your fighter, change its secondary weapon or gain an extra ship.

Only the central part of your fighter is vulnerable, so dodge those bullets well.

Some nice touches here with some retro like sounds and ok graphics. A bit quick for me and you would have to practice a while to get anywhere with this game but if you like your shoot'm ups, you may like this one if you have the patience.

Arrow keys movement
Z Primary weapon
X Secondary weapon
Esc Quit


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Transdimensional Hellspider (SHMUP)
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