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 Titanion (Galaxian clone SHMUP)

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PostSubject: Titanion (Galaxian clone SHMUP)   Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:19 pm

Titanion (5.5mb zip, no install, OpenGL required) is a simple jet visually pleasing shoot'em up space shooter in the style of Galaxian. A truly enjoyable game with pleasing visual effects and graphics with a pumping music soundtrack and fast shooting gameplay. The developer has described this as a "Strike down super high-velocity swooping insects. Fixed shooter in the good old days, 'Titanion'." however you are able to move freely around the screen while in play. A recommended download if your into your shooters. There are 3 modes of play available:

- Sporadic firing.
- Use a capture beam to make a friend of an enemy.
- When your ship collides against an enemy, your ship is destroyed.

BASIC mode
- Middle course.
- You can use the capture beam anytime.
- When your ship collides against an enemy, your ship is knocked away.

- Bullet hell.
- Use a provocation beam to force an enemy to fire more bullets and earn a bullet multiplier bonus.
- When your ship collides against an enemy, nothing happens. Your ship and an enemy go through each other.

Move - Arrow keys, Number pad, keys WASD or keys IJKL
Shot - Z, Ctrl or the fullstop key.

Homepage (Japanese website with English translation pages)

Game Page (English translation)

Keep on gaming!

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Titanion (Galaxian clone SHMUP)
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