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 Wagtail 2 (cool 3D flight sim)

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PostSubject: Wagtail 2 (cool 3D flight sim)   Sat May 22, 2010 8:49 am

Wagtail 2 (32mb no install version 1.00 made 2007) is a good solid flight simulation that contains 5 missions and many jet fighters to choose from. The first thing that you have to do is choose to run the game in a window or full screen, that's the small gray box that you are presented with when you first start the game. What impressed me most about this game was the smooth gameplay even in the heat of battle it didn't slow down or skip once over the few hours that I played it. Two modes of play are available, Single Mission mode and Network mode and after each completed mission there is a unique tracking visual replay which is interesting to watch. Graphics are quite good but with not much detail on the ground or ships, maybe something for the developer to work on as it's still version 1. Apart from that, what is there is great. It has realistic sounds that most flight sim gamers will find a pleasure in this game.

.NET Framework Ver1.1

X key and Enter for menu select
W key in-game menu
L key for views
A key for acceleration
Z key for decceleration
Q key to target ground enemies
D key for missile target
F & V keys to shift left and right
C key for larger Radar
S key to launch missiles and drop bombs

Blog Game Page (Japanese site)

Game Download Page (Japanese Vector site)

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Wagtail 2 (cool 3D flight sim)
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