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 Beventlaed (Japanese 3 in a row puzzle game)

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PostSubject: Beventlaed (Japanese 3 in a row puzzle game)   Tue Apr 08, 2014 6:12 pm

Beventlaed (3.7mb, made by Chibitami 2011, no install flash, .zip) is a small and simple Japanese 3 in a row elimination puzzle game. Suitable for all ages and uses the mouse to play. Just hold your left mouse button down and drag over 3 of the same coloured UFO's in a row. There are 3 UFO colours, Red, Blue and Green. If you clear red UFOs your life increases. Life starts at 60.00 and decreases over time. If you clear blue UFOs you get a Score multiplier. If you clear green UFOs you increase your Bomb Power. The maximum Bomb Power is 5.00. If you clear a row of different-colored UFOs (one red, a blue, and a green) then your Call % increases. Call, which at higher values is more likely to give you colored UFOs while at lower values it is more likely to give you glass UFOs, decreases over time. Call decreases faster at higher levels. You increase your level by clearing UFOs, and this also increases your Call by 20%. You can get rid of these glass UFOs by clearing the colored UFOs that are next to them. Alternatively, if there are too many glass UFOs, then you can Bomb (by clicking the large green "Bomb" button in the lower-left), which will get rid of all the glass UFOs.

Game Download Page
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Beventlaed (Japanese 3 in a row puzzle game)
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