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 Urban Uprising -Dark New World- (scrolling space shooter)

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PostSubject: Urban Uprising -Dark New World- (scrolling space shooter)   Fri Jan 23, 2009 8:13 am

Urban Uprising is a hard scrolling space shoot-m-up for the serious gamers with quick reflexes and trigger finger, the trick is to just keep moving or you will be targeted. There are heaps of powerups to collect for better fire power and the usual Japanese keyboard keys are used to fire Z and X. The game is in English despite the Authors website being mostly in Japanese also the game will try to connect to the internet before it loads up, just don't grant access with your firewall although it's most likely for online scores. The dowload is 8.2mb zip no install ceated 19/02/2006.


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Urban Uprising -Dark New World- (scrolling space shooter)
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