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 Torus Trooper (timed space shooter speeder)

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PostSubject: Torus Trooper (timed space shooter speeder)   Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:32 pm

Torus Trooper (6.3mb zip, no install, OpenGL required) is a fast speed timed shooter. Race as fast as you can and destroy anything on your path while avoiding enemy fire. An interesting fast paced shooter combined with a tubular track with colourful Vector style graphics make this a game worth looking at. You must keep your time going or it's game over so speeding through is the main aim here.

Move - Arrow keys, Number pad, WASD.
Speed - Hold up arrow key to speed up.
Pause - P.
Exit game - Esc.
Shot - Z, Left Ctrl or fullstop key.
Charged shot - X, Left Alt, Left Shift or the / key. Hold a charge shot key to charge energy. A charge shot is released when you release a key. The shot penetrates enemies and wipes out bullets. A score multiplier is increased according to a number of
destroying enemies and bullets. A charge shot acts as a regenerative break.

Many more options available, please read the readme.txt file contained within the game folder.

Homepage (Japanese website with English translation pages)

Game Page (English translation)

Keep on gaming!

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Torus Trooper (timed space shooter speeder)
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