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 Black Sky (Space Shooter WIP but very playable)

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PostSubject: Black Sky (Space Shooter WIP but very playable)   Wed May 26, 2010 12:29 pm

Black Sky (Alpha Test phase 1mb no install made by David Grassi) is a nice looking space combat game roughly based on a Sega Genesis game called Star Flight. There are some great graphic effects already implemented in the game. You can even make your own ships just read the !readme! file for more info, you could even change the planet if you know how. The game consists of missions that you must complete with the help of your fellow space pilots. Most of the features work but there is only 1 channel sound at the moment and only having 1 primary firing weapon. I have yet to finish the first level and by looking further into the game folders that's all there is but I'm sure more work soon will have some improvements and maybe more levels. As I mentioned before this game is in it's testing phase but still very playable.


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Black Sky (Space Shooter WIP but very playable)
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