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 Circle Pong (Pong clone arcade)

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Circle Pong (Pong clone arcade) Empty
PostSubject: Circle Pong (Pong clone arcade)   Circle Pong (Pong clone arcade) EmptyThu Nov 13, 2014 2:20 pm

Circle Pong (Pong clone arcade) Circle10

Circle Pong (4.9mb ver1.0, no install .7z) is a simple game of Pong within a circle with a few elements of another popular bat and ball game. This freeware game was made with ORX Game Engine and is for Windows only. It has 2 game modes, single player and multiplayer. To change a few more settings, open the circlepong configuration setting file, edit and save. The game plays smooth and visually it's ok, but it could do with some more eye candy. Not a bad game and for the very small download size, no one can complain, but it wasn't a keeper for me. Only the Pong fanatics will store this one away for future playing. A good solid coffee break game.

Arrow keys up and down - Menu movement and player movement
Enter key - Start game
A key - Menu select and player trigger action

Left Player R,F keys - Movement
A key - Player trigger action
Right Player up and down arrow keys - Movement
M key - Player trigger action

There doesn't seem to be an exit key assigned for this game while in play, if there is, I haven't found it. To exit the game while still playing, press your Windows key and shut down the game from there.

Direct Download Link

Keep on gaming!

Circle Pong (Pong clone arcade) Pbucket

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Circle Pong (Pong clone arcade)
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