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 Cross The Ridge R Trial (Japanese 3D car racing)

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PostSubject: Cross The Ridge R Trial (Japanese 3D car racing)   Sun Jan 11, 2015 8:06 am

Cross The Ridge R Trial (55mb made 24/12/2014 by ACCELERATE, ver0.1, no install .zip) is a Japanese freeware 3D racing game with a choice of 10 recognisable makes of cars, auto or manual gearbox and a couple of tracks. There are 2 race modes, race against opponent and time trial and there seems to be a couple of LAN internet modes. While this game has a lot going for it, being a version 0.1 it still needs some work. The tracks, cars and scenery seem ok but the game does play very slow. It's like playing in slow motion. The car sound effects just don't make the grade here. There's reasonable car physics and a bonus of drifting. There seems to be more to this freeware game than meets the eye, maybe even a 3rd track but after almost 1 hour of Slooow driving, I had to close it down. Top job to the developers who have released the game for everyone to try though. I'd really like to see this game optomised and finished. Let's hope that they don't abandon it like most seem to do.

This game should play on most Windows systems.

Steer left and right - Arrow keys left and right
Accelerate - X key
Brake - Z key
Change view - A key
Pause game - Alt key
To exit the game, close the game window


Game Page Freem Japanese games website

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Cross The Ridge R Trial (Japanese 3D car racing)
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