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 High School Actoress In The Sky (Japanese Scrolling SHMUP)

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PostSubject: High School Actoress In The Sky (Japanese Scrolling SHMUP)   Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:26 am

High School Actoress In The Sky (64.4mb made 22/03/2014 ver1.01, no install .zip) is a great little Japanese scrolling shooter. Shoot all enemies both alien and plants, dodge the bullets and collect food and cash for your powerups. The game starts with a story line which is in Japanese, just keep pressing X key to bypass it to get to the games menu system. The game plays very well with you the player being in control of 1 of the 3 characters within the game itself. The Bosses are quite easy for this type of game so it was a pleasant surprise to the usual 5 minutes of blasting away with other game bosses spewing froth waves and waves of projectiles, a welcome change to the norm. With unlimited continues this freeware game offering should please most scrolling shooter gamers. Nice one, two thumbs up! I only played the Arcade game mode but there's also Story mode, Practice and Boss Rush. There's 4 game difficulty settings too, Easy, Normal, Hard and nightmare. This should keep you entertain for an hour or so.

This freeware game will run on most Windows systems.

There are still 2 keyboard keys I haven't worked out for the game yet.

To start the game you must first enter your Player Name.
To exit the game, on the Continue Screen press Esc key then the X key (shoot).

Homepage Japanese website

Game Page Vector Japanese website
Click on the green Download Now button to download the game.

Keep on gaming!

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High School Actoress In The Sky (Japanese Scrolling SHMUP)
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