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 Breaktris (Breakout & Tetris clone arcade)

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Breaktris (Breakout & Tetris clone arcade) Empty
PostSubject: Breaktris (Breakout & Tetris clone arcade)   Breaktris (Breakout & Tetris clone arcade) EmptyThu Nov 13, 2014 2:48 pm

Breaktris (Breakout & Tetris clone arcade) Breakt10

Can you pat your head with one hand and rub your stomach in circular motions with the other hand? If you can then maybe this freeware game is for you. Breakout and Tetris in the one game playing together Arrhhhh! Enjoyment is optional, Freaking Out is compulsory!

Breaktris (4.6mb ver1.0 made 2012, no install .zip) brings the 2 most popular arcade and addictive games from the past and shoves them both together. I found myself concentrating on one game more than the other at times and then switching to the other when necessary. Not particularly hard at the beginning but if you're not too careful, you'll find yourself panicking later on with blocks on either side stacking up. Don't be surprised if the ball from the Breakout game comes over to the Tetris side and starts taking out your Tetris blocks, that's always a good thing... isn't it?? This freeware game is good clean retro arcade fun and was made for the 48-hour game jam Molyjam 2012 and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Breakout - Mouse/touchpad
Tetris - Arrow keys

Game Page & Download Page

Keep on gaming!

Breaktris (Breakout & Tetris clone arcade) Pbucket

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Breaktris (Breakout & Tetris clone arcade)
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