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 Retro Console Gaming On Modern TV's

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PostSubject: Retro Console Gaming On Modern TV's   Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:26 pm

If you love your old gaming console and have noticed how crappy the games look on your new LCD, LED or plasma tv then don't despair, there is hope. I was searching for some information on a recent HDTV I bought from the op shop today, with little results and came across a gaming forum that was discussing why they did look crap on modern TV's. Long story short, a member found a very good site that has a wealth of info, one of the best online in fact about deinterlacing, scaling and processing.

If you're a serious old school gamer then you'll probably know about these units and may even own one yourself. If you do then you're one up on me. Hey, I even been looking around for an old CTR TV. Even though some of the info is some years old now, it is still being updated and almost all of these units can still be purchased today weather new or used. Take a good read of the site, it has great reviews, pro's and con's, prices recommendations etc on most processing units. I'm off to have a read...

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Thanks for sharing the info Tobias "Fudoh" Reich. Legend!

Keep on gaming!

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Retro Console Gaming On Modern TV's
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