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 Make Flash & iPhone Games Online With Flowlab

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PostSubject: Make Flash & iPhone Games Online With Flowlab   Tue Oct 14, 2014 2:26 pm

Flowlab Game Creator seems like a nifty little online flash game and iPhone game creator. Create games within your web browser with the help of Flowlab's online game engine. It comes with it's own sets of graphic sprites for your game and you can even upload and use your own sprites to make visual elements like your own characters, blocks, bonuses, background images etc. With the help of the video help and the forum, you should be able to make your own short game withing a few hours without any programing knowledge. This online game engine is suited for beginners to intermediate users. You will need to create an account to use and save your games which them can be shared online with everyone.

Maximize the videos to see how everything works. Also check out the help link at the top of the page for a few quick tutorial videos as well as the forum link for more help.

There are 3 user accounts to choose from, Free, Indie and Studio. On the Free user account you are limited to 3 games, 5 levels, 50 objects, 1 user account and includes your game hosting. The other 2 user accounts will cost you but I would recommend sticking with the free user account until you familiarise yourself with all the features of the game engine, then decide from there if you would like to upgrade and fork out your cash.

If you would like to make simple platformers, shooters, driving and other games, then I suggest checking it out.

Keep on gaming!

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Make Flash & iPhone Games Online With Flowlab
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