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 Action Mogura (excellent Japanese action platformer shooter)

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PostSubject: Action Mogura (excellent Japanese action platformer shooter)   Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:33 pm

Action Mogura (89.8mb ver1.3 made 2014 by Krobon Station, no install .zip) is a fantastic Japanese action, platformer, shooter freeware game for Windows. Right from the start you know this is going to be good by the short black and white intro sequence that shows some of the games goodies and gameplay.

You are what seems to be a bear type creature that has a Sonic The Hedgehog hairdo. There is also a small cupid like companion that follows you around during all the action. Although you are in no way related to Sonic at all in regards to speed, what you lack in speed you will gain in extra abilities throughout the game. Same old story here, the heroine has been captured and you must rescue her. Yep, got it! The storyline in the game is in Japanese but there is an English translated version or patch coming for this game as you will find out when you start the game and I for one can't wait for it. Not that you really need to know the story but it would help. There is a good save point feature in-game that will allow you to continue at any time which is a bonus.

Gameplay is very simple and enjoyable. Run, jump and shoot, collect coins and other oddities. Battle you way through each level shooting robots, pushing and shooting switches for moving platforms and lifts and picking up small blue ghost like creatures (not sure what they are for yet). I'm only about a quarter way into the game from downloading it tonight but the difficulty level is perfect unlike many games where you'll often get stuck on a certain part of a level and never seem to get past it. This freeware game is pure joy to play and would suit everyone. Top marks for this beauty and this will forever be kept in my gaming folder. Two thumbs up from me, way up!

Z key - Fire (hold for power laser)
X key - Jump
C key - Special weapon (once acquired)
V key - backwards quick dodge
Space bar - pause game
Esc key - Exit game to game menu

Homepage Japanese Vector website

Game Download Page

Keep on gaming!

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Action Mogura (excellent Japanese action platformer shooter)
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