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 7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper)

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7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper) Empty
PostSubject: 7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper)   7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper) EmptyFri Jul 11, 2014 2:16 pm

7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper) 7_nano10

7 Nanocycles (27.2mb  ver1.1 made by Nicklas Nygren, no install .zip) is a stylish 3D visual graphic game that has a great sense of "Just One More Time" feel to it. Travel on the insides of geometric shapes and shoot across to the next one. This game I had fun with yet it was so frustrating at the same time. Timing and getting yourself in the optimal position to get across to the next 3D shape is everything. Gravity is your enemy, don't let it win.

7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper) 7_nano10

Game downloads available for Windows, Linux and Mac. You will need a half decent 3D graphics card as it uses Unity Web Player software. If you have Unity installed on your computer, you can play this game directly in your browser.

7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper) 7_nano12



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7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper) Pbucket

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7 Nanocycles (3D geometric shape jumper)
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