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 Bullet System: Double Machinegun (short arcade shooter)

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PostSubject: Bullet System: Double Machinegun (short arcade shooter)   Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:57 pm

BS Double Machinegun (13.9mb ver0.8 made 02/03/2014, no install .zip) is a small Japanese arcade shooter with a difference. You control 2 automatic guns simultaneously. The guns fire automatically and you control aiming only. You really need to be ambidextrous and having 2 sets of eyes would also help. You need to destroy all objects, both moving and stationary that come into view scrolling down from the top of the grid. There are 4 Zones each containing 3 short levels, total 12 levels, plus a Sequence mode to play all 3 levels of each Zone together, although there is no difference between Sequence mode or playing each of the 3 levels separately. You do have a speed button for fast and slow acceleration and with practice you can use that button as well. A very good, solid shooting game with unique graphics, retro music, sound effects and fluid gameplay but I was left wanting to play more levels.

There is a way to beat most levels quite easily, but that's for you to work out. This freeware game should play on most Windows systems.

Z & C key - Controls left gun, left and right
Arrow keys left and right - Controls right gun, left and right
X key - Speed, fast or slow
Space bar - Pause game
Esc key - Exit game


Game Download Page Japanese Vector website
Click on the green Download Now button to download the game.

Keep on gaming!

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Bullet System: Double Machinegun (short arcade shooter)
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