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 Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game)

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Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game) Empty
PostSubject: Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game)   Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game) EmptyMon Jul 07, 2014 2:56 pm

Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game) Ikeday10

Ikedaya Incident (20mb made 29/10/2013, no install .zip) is a very short Japanese samurai game set in a time long ago. The games description was difficult to understand so I'll post the Google page translation below for you to decipher.

"As the title, 3D action on the theme of Ikedaya incidents Shinsengumi has attacked the patriots of reverence for the emperor Joi faction. Puppet Corps officer of the Shinsengumi, players turn down off the patriot to be the enemy. Style, such as the FPS to use the mouse and keyboard, the left click attack, defense operation by right-clicking. Can be fed out as well as thrust by combining attack and movement."

Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game) Ikeday11

Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game) Ikeday12

This game has an interesting graphics style with gameplay being very simple. I expected this freeware game to be something great judging by the intro music but sadly it is little more than a coffee break game, if that. You will either defeat the enemy or be defeated within a couple of minutes. Not a keeper for me.

W,A,S,D keys - Move forward, left, backwards, right
Mouse move - Movement
Mouse left button - attack
Mouse right button - Defend
Mouse wheel - change player on your team

Game Download Page
Click on the black button to download the game.

Keep on gaming!

Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game) Pbucket

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Ikedaya Incident (short Japanese samurai game)
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