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 Ride On (Strange Japanese 3D shooter)

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PostSubject: Ride On (Strange Japanese 3D shooter)   Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:33 am

Ride On is yet another bizarre Japanese 3D shooting game. To start the game, press the small rectangular box in the top left hand corner. The game has destructible scenery and lush graphics. I have no idea why you're scooting around on an office chair unconscious with and android laser gun arm or what you're supposed to do but the small city 3D scenery is great. There is a way to get to the upper level of buildings and parts of the path can be seen from ground level.

More work still needs to be implemented into this game. There's only 1 level, no storyline and you can go out of the levels boundaries and even through and under scenery. What's there is great and hopefully more will be done to make this weird and wonderful game into something fantastic. You will need a decent PC with a good 3D card to play this 85mb game download but you should be able to get away with a 128mb 3D card. This game uses Unity Web Player, game version 1.01 made 06/07/2014 and published as a Trial Game but seems more like an alpha or beta. Try and work out what you actually need to do as I couldn't.

Arrow keys and mouse

Game Download Page Freem Japanese games website
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Ride On (Strange Japanese 3D shooter)
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