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 Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer)

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Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer) Empty
PostSubject: Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer)   Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer) EmptyWed Jul 02, 2014 2:32 pm

Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer) Best_c11

Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer) Tokeit10

Clock Tower Secret (1.15mb ver1.02 made 12/01/2008, no install .zip) is a quirky little Japanese timed, puzzle, platformer where you must collect keys to keep the level time wound up and complete the levels by finding the exit points. Luckily you do have an exit meter gauge in the top left hand corner that will point to the exit but it's not as simple as that as you can not get to the exit directly. It's a quick run, jump and grab platformer with heaps of replay value.

Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer) Tokeit11

You play a shadowed character that looks like a bunny that's lost in The Old Clock Tower that still continues to move. There's heaps of beams, cogs, wheels and spiky things to slow you down.

Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer) Tokeit12

Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer) Tokeit13

Just to top it all off and make it more confusing, you can rotate the levels at set points in the levels indicated by the blue boxes but you have no control over which way or how much it rotates, So what is The Clock Towers Secret? Wink A great little addictive Japanese freeware game that I'm sure will keep everyone entertained for a while. This game should play on most Windows systems.

Arrow keys - Movement
C key - Jump, select, start game
X key - Action, cancellation
Z key - Zoom out temporary view
Space bar - Pause game
Esc key - Exit


Game Download Page Japanese Vector website
Click on the green Download Now button to download the game.

Keep on gaming!

Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer) Pbucket

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Clock Tower Secret (puzzle platformer)
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