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 Crush Storm (SHMUP)

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Crush Storm (SHMUP) Empty
PostSubject: Crush Storm (SHMUP)   Crush Storm (SHMUP) EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 12:22 pm

Crush Storm (SHMUP) Crush_10

Crush Storm (1.23mb ver3.51 made 18/07/2007, no install .zip) is a good Japanese shoot-em up with the usual pickups, powerups and level bosses. Many options, modes of play and a choice of 3 ships with different firepower. If you like your SHMUP's,you should like this.

Z key - Fire
C key - Fire 2
V key - Pause game
Esc key - Exit game

Game Download Page Japanese Vector website
Click on the green Download Now button to download the game.

Keep on gaming!

Crush Storm (SHMUP) Pbucket

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Crush Storm (SHMUP)
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