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 Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting)

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Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting) Empty
PostSubject: Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting)   Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting) EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 9:26 am

Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting) Dream_10

Dream Fighters (1mb ver0.68 test version made 03/09/2004, no install .lzh) is a very nice but small Japanese 3D fighting game. There are 2 modes of play so far, Single player and Battle Royal. You have a choice of 3 players, Murcur, Jupi and Comet. There seems to be 3 stages or levels to fight in but I've only been able to fight in 2 of them with the fighting action being fluid with good special effects sounds, and music. Yet another unfinished game but still a complete game in itself if you know what I mean and only a 1mb download, can't complain with that.

Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting) Dream_11

Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting) Dream_10

Z key - Jump
X key - Grab and throw
C key - Punch, hold for special attack
Esc key - Exit game

Game Download Page Japanese Vector website
Click on the green Download Now button to download the game.

Keep on gaming!

Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting) Pbucket

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Dream Fighters (Japanese 3D fighting)
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