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 Call Of Ireland - Potatic Justice (64bit run and jump platformer)

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PostSubject: Call Of Ireland - Potatic Justice (64bit run and jump platformer)   Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:46 am

Call Of Ireland - Potatic Justice (44.5mb ver1.0.0.9 Beta, made by Churrus 2013, 64bit installation only install .exe) is an interesting and fun, potato run and jump platform freeware game made by 3 students, Giancarlo Camilo, Paulo Marcos and Thiago "Joseph" Lima. Race to the end of each level and avoid the chef that's chasing you. There are 3 types of potatoes in the game that have varying abilities.

The Game
"Call of Ireland: Potatic Justice takes place in an universe that has always been just like ours. That is, until three specific potatoes developed the ability to reason and soon started using their free will to guanrantee the survival of their kind. Seeing their fellow potatoes being fried and mashed, Builder, Jumper and Timy realized their fate wouldn't be any better by just standing inside a bag counting the days. That's when the trio decided to run for their lives, seeking a magical land they have only heard in rumors and tales: Ireland. Your objective is to help them run to their goals while obtaining the highest amount of potato chips possible."

- Windows 7/8 64bit OS environment
- Android (version Beta 0.8 ) unspecified OS version


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Call Of Ireland - Potatic Justice (64bit run and jump platformer)
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