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 Skyscraper Sim (building simulation)

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Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Empty
PostSubject: Skyscraper Sim (building simulation)   Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) EmptyFri Jun 20, 2014 8:32 am

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skycra10

Skyscraper Sim (69.4mb ver2.0 Alpha 8, updated 04/03/2013, no install .zip) is an almost fully fully-featured, modular, 3D realtime building simulator, powered by the Scalable Building Simulator (SBS) engine for people interested in highrise architecture, well sort of. You can modify the 2 buildings that come with Skyscraper Sim with many more downloadable from their forum from user contributions. You can modify buildings elevators, escalators, stair wells, roof tops, fixtures etc but that's if you know how.

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skycra11

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skyscr10

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skyscr19

Why would anyone build a game like this??, Well, why not. I find some interest in building or modifying something. Would like to see this project as an actual building simulator, building from foundation to the the end result taking into consideration structural strengths and materials. Maybe that's where they're heading, maybe not but it would be nice. I doubt the casual gamer will find any joy from this freeware simulation but I'm sure, someone will find it interesting with what's already there.

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skyscr12

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skyscr13

Skyscraper is written in C++ and uses the OGRE graphics engine, Bullet for collisions and physics, FMOD for sound, the wxWidgets GUI library, and is multiplatform. Game downloads for Windows, Linux and Mac with installers or non installable files.

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skyscr14

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skyscr15

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skyscr18

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Skyscr17

- Windows XP SP2 or newer, Linux (Ubuntu 11.04+), or Mac OSX 10.6.8 or newer.
- 1 ghz cpu (2 ghz recommended), 512 megabytes RAM (2 gigabytes recommended), video card with at least 32 megabytes of video RAM (64+ recommended).

* Please note that the main featured buildings are the Triton Center and Glass Tower, while others are still in early development.*



Custom Buildings From the forum, downloadable addon's.

Game Download Page[/b][/center]

Keep on gaming!

Skyscraper Sim (building simulation) Pbucket

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Skyscraper Sim (building simulation)
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