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 3D Bubble Bobble (3D arcade)

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PostSubject: 3D Bubble Bobble (3D arcade)   Sat Jun 07, 2014 12:58 pm

3D Bubble Bobble (1.7mb, ver 1.0, made by Thomas Long, no install .zip) is inspired and based on the original Taito classic Bubble Bobble. The game which came out in the 80's is an all time classic which is still great fun to play to this day. This version was created for the DarkBASIC Professional Retro game competition by Thomas Long. It was created in under 2 months in his spare time.

Help Bub in his quest through the cave of monsters. You can kill baddies by trapping them in bubbles and then bursting them. Make sure to pick up the bonuses they leave behind too. When you have cleared a level of all monsters you will automatically progress to the next level. Be warned, if you take too long to clear a level, the evil death ghost will come after you! and don't I know it. I was always too slow.

W key - Walk forward
S key - Walk backward
A key - Strafe left
D key - Strafe right
Space bar - Jump
Use the mouse to look around and click to shoot bubbles.
Esc key - Exit

Gameplay Tips
Don't forget you can jump on bubbles as well as platforms to reach higher areas. If you want to jump on a bubble make sure to hold space otherwise bub will just burst the bubble and fall to the ground.

Bub will receive an extra life every 100000 points so collect as many bonuses as possible to play for longer.

PII or higher
64mb ram
A DirectX compatible 3D graphics card
DirectX 8 or higher
Bubble Bobble 3D runs at 640x480x16 full screen


Game Page & Download

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Keep on gaming!

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3D Bubble Bobble (3D arcade)
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