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 Maru Tennis (Japanese & English 3D Wii Sports tennis clones)

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PostSubject: Maru Tennis (Japanese & English 3D Wii Sports tennis clones)   Wed May 14, 2014 3:05 pm

Here we have 2 different game versions with 2 different looks, one in Japanese and the other in English. Maru Tennis (Japanese version 2.26mb, no install .zip. English version, 796kb, no install .lzh) is similar to the Wii tennis game in Wii Sports but more forgiving. Both games play very well and it's quite enjoyable. From the options menu in both games you have a choice of 5 players with varying skills, 3 different play views. You can customise your players look with different colours as well and a choice of 2 different play modes, player versus CPU or player versus player. The Japanese version plays a lot slower than the English version and both have different 3D style graphics but essentially they are the same game.

I like the Japanese versions graphic style better, but I do like the English versions different menu system and faster gameplay. I guess you can't have the best of both worlds.

I did have problems playing both games in windowed modes was only able to play in fullscreen but that's a minor inconvenience. I'm sure all you tennis fans out there will enjoy either of these games and it's suitable for all ages both young and old.

Maur Tennis screenshot (Japanese version)

Maur Tennis screenshot (Japanese version)

Maur Tennis screenshot (Japanese version)


Maur Tennis 3 screenshot (English version)

Maur Tennis 3 screenshot (English version)

Maur Tennis 3 screenshot (English version)

C key - Select (in menu)
X key - Cancel select (in menu)
Z, X,C key - Serve
Arrow keys - Move player
Z key - Spin hit (while ball is in play)
X key - Jump (while ball is in play)
C key - Normal hit (while ball is in play)
V key - Pause game
Alt + F4 - Exit game

Homepage Japanese website

Game Page

Game Download Page
Look for the first pink box for the Japanese Maru Tennis game download.
Look for the second pink box for the English Maru Tennis 3 game download.

Keep on gaming!

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Maru Tennis (Japanese & English 3D Wii Sports tennis clones)
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