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 Unity Chan Jump Game (block drop escape)

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PostSubject: Unity Chan Jump Game (block drop escape)   Tue May 13, 2014 4:37 am

Unity Chan Jump Game (22mb released 06/05/2014, made by AppleRoll, no install .zip) is a game that I wanted to hate when I first started playing it. The controls were difficult until I found the sweet spot for jumping, then I found this game had some merit. It's a simple game of dodging the large falling blocks. There is no escape apart from going up which means jumping on to the fallen blocks but you must be cautious as to not jump on a block that has another block falling coming down. Just watch out for the light beams that will tell you that a falling block is coming. This is fine for the first 2 levels which are quite easy once you've mastered the jumping. The trick here is to jump fist them move your cute Japanese, scantily clothed heroine, which I might add is a very nice 3D modeled character. You can also run and jump on to blocks but you'll need to judge this correctly, It's not possible to run and jump within a 1 block radius on to a higher block, if next to a block just jump first and then move. All up a nice offering to the freeware gaming community but it has little staying power to be a keeper. Good work though for what's there.

Arrow keys - Movement
A, D, W, S key -  Rotate view
Space bar - Jump

Game Download Page Japanese website
Click on the first link to download the game.

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Unity Chan Jump Game (block drop escape)
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