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 Destruction Desire (2D fighting)

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PostSubject: Destruction Desire (2D fighting)   Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:34 pm

Destruction Desire (20.8mb, ver1.3, no install .zip) is a 1-2 player Japanese 2D fighter with some nice touches. 2 modes of play, Story mode (which I didn't see any story at all while I was playing it) and Versus Training mode with 5 playable characters and 1 unlockable character as far as I can tell. Visuals are well done with varying worlds and combos and there seems to be many special moves. Unleash the undead, beasts and earthy objects to defeat your opponent. If you like your classic 2D arcade fighting games then you should like this.

More Screenshots

Character Moves In Japanese. If you can work that out you're doing much better than me.


Download Page Vector Japanese download site.
Click on the green Download Now button.

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Destruction Desire (2D fighting)
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