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 Knight of Knights

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PostSubject: Knight of Knights   Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:52 am

This game is a few years old now and I had lost the link for it and only found it the other month and is still one of my favorite fighting games, not that I'm into fighting games. Knight of Knights has many characters to choose from with each having there own fighting style and weapons, bonus items cane be found as well as extra weapons, 1 or 2 players also 2 player combined makes for interesting gameplay. Some great graphic effects in this game put it at the top of my games list.

NOTE : If you have a gamepad plugged into your computer, you will only be able to start this game with the buttons on your gamepad as well as the usual japanese keyboard game keys Z,X,C,V,S etc for 2nd player (4.9mb download.lzh)

Download page from

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Knight of Knights
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