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 Dash-Da-Dash DX (bullet dash, gem collecting)

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PostSubject: Dash-Da-Dash DX (bullet dash, gem collecting)   Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:11 am

Renard's Dash-Da-Dash DX Edition (34.9mb, install .exe) is an unusual grid, gem collecting game. While avoiding the large enemies that continually fire at you from the top of the grid, you must maneuver your space ship with your mouse and collect the gems. Getting multiply gems in one move will give you more points and there are also bonus gems. There are various enemies with different firing weapons, some with multiple weapons that you must avoid at all cost.

After installation and you run the game for the first time, the game will calculate the optimum settings for playing. You can also change these settings in the game settings later. Windowed or full screen game modes are also available.

There are 2 game modes, DX mode with limited dash, normal game speed, single ship chance and EX mode with unlimited dash, fast game speed and 3 ship chances. I recommend the EX game mode and although you won't last long in either game mode, this game provides a short, frantic and at times frustrating time when you have a spare 10-15 minutes of free in your day.

Minimum Requirements
Windows XP or newer
1.6GHz or higher
DirectX 9


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Dash-Da-Dash DX (bullet dash, gem collecting)
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