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 Zaboodles, Sandy Evolution, Kinetics

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PostSubject: Zaboodles, Sandy Evolution, Kinetics   Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:49 pm

This is a very unique game made by Kurt Waldowsk that was released in late 1012. He describes his game as "Zaboodles is a comical fast paced arcade style game packaged into a beautiful presentation. Jump around frantically dodging incoming zaboodles while utilizing various power-ups to stay alive and rack-up points! Although simple in nature, Zaboodles contains great depth in both its strategies and content. Attain over 20 feats, fight boss battles, and set high scores! (Currently PC Only; Mac and Ipad support for the future)."

Drop by Kurt Waldowsk's Wordpress page and also check out Sandy Evolution and Kinetics.
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Zaboodles, Sandy Evolution, Kinetics
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